Who is Louis XIV of Beverly Hills?

When Beverly Hills designer/artist Alexandra Anderson Bower saw Louis XIV the first time, she knew a love story was beginning. When her human baby was born, Alexandra began a what became series of sixteen mixed media  paintings and evolved into the first tale of the adorable Boston Terrier.

  Ladymom and Louis XIV the day they met at the pet store


Frequently asked Questions:

Q: What kind of dog is Louis XIV?

A:  A Boston Terrier, which is an American dog breed. Louis has an unusual coloration – he is white all over his body with a few well placed black spots, whereas most Bosties have the opposite. He is very well designed.

louis 2


Q:  Why does he have a French name?

A:  Because Ladymom LOVES French decor and he looked so exquisite sitting on a Louis XVI chair, she decided a new dynasty of Louis needed to start. Although he is  named after Louis XIV, He also answers to Lou Lou, Woo Woo, Mr. Lou, The Lou, Mr. Woo, Woocifer, and Woo Woo Quatorzie.

louis 1

Q:  What is the new book about?

A:  This is the first of what Ladymom hopes will be many books describing how Louis learns that being perfect is not the only way to be, and that sometimes he’ll have to try things that scare him a little bit to really have the best life he can have.

Q: Why does Ladymom make so much art with Louis in it? 

A:  Alexandra first started drawing and painting pictures of Louis because he is a great subject, and found that it was really fun to make up new situations for Louis and his funny face.

Q: Are the places in the book real places?

A: Yes, but Alexandra takes some license with them. For example, the painting of Louis at Spa des Chiens portrays Louis in a tub that Alexandra saw at the Vatican in Italy, and the mosaic background from the pool at the Montage Beverly Hills (which they both like to visit a lot).